Newbie Socialist Defends Ancient Socialist Wearing of Expensive Winter Coat, But That’s Not The Story

Consider for a moment the defense by a new socialist for that ancient socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders. As a reminder, Senator Sanders has three homes and one of them is a vacation home. He drives expensive cars and wears $700 dollar coats. That is hard to square with the ideals of democratic socialism, but some do try. Here is a story and conclusion that you do not want to miss.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

I’ll have to ask our readers to bear with me for a moment because this story starts out with a premise that probably wouldn’t merit a headline here of its own accord. It deals with the question of whether or not it was appropriate for an avowed Democratic Socialist like Senator Bernie Sanders to show up at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s swearing-in ceremony wearing a winter coat which costs nearly $700. Big deal, right?

As a confirmed capitalist, I refuse to demand that Sanders walk to the subway platform dressed in sackcloth, performing self-flagellation with an environmentally friendly cat o’ nine tails as he goes. This is America and Sanders should be able to grab as big of a slice of the American dream as possible, just like anyone else. Is it hypocritical and glaring in terms of horrid political optics? Of course. Complaining about the evil, idle rich before jetting off to one of your three homes (including a $600K beachfront vacation property) takes some serious chutzpah, but Bernie is a citizen and is still entitled to grab for the brass ring.

The criticism of Sanders’ spending habits has, however, really gotten under the skin of Daniel Marans at the Huffington Post, prompting a very energetic response in defense of not just the Vermont Senator in particular, but of “democratic socialism” in America in general. Marans is described as a “general assignment reporter with a focus on politics and economic policy” at HuffPo, and this week he wants to remind everyone that the Coat Controversy is emblematic of what we all “get wrong about socialism.” Let’s check out this brief excerpt from the essay where Marans explains why focusing on the spending of……..


New socialist defends ancient socialist’s expensive coat – Hot Air Hot Air

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