Newt BLASTS Obama, Leaders: ‘Willfully’ Not Telling Truth on Islamic Terrorism

Only former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has the courage and compassion to say this to the LGBT community. As Newt points out, the Obama administration is not providing the truth in how ISIS threatens them. The administration will not point to the ISIS actions in the Middle East  that show empirically that ISIS kills gays out of hand. ISIS is, in fact, a mortal enemy. Who else is telling this truth? Read more below…

As Written By Sandy Fitzgerald for Newsmax:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Sunday, just hours after shootings at a gay nightclub in Orlando  blasted the Obama administration as “willfully” avoiding telling Americans the threat of Islamic terrorism and ideology.

“If you look around the planet, from Yemen to Afghanistan, we’re in a worldwide death struggle with a radical movement and they want to destroy western civilization and yet our leaders in both Europe and America blindly say they can’t really mean it,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday” program.  “How many incidents does it take for them to realize they mean it? You better hope they don’t get nuclear weapons.”

The former speaker said he’s not willing quite yet to “jump ahead to assert that this is terrorism related to Islamic supremacists despite the fact that they have released the name of the shooter,” but still, attention needs to be paid to the fact there is a pattern of people connected by the Internet “who are potentially very, very dangerous.”  …….

Full Story Here:

Newt Gingrich to Gay Movement: Islamic Supremacy Is Your ‘Mortal Enemy’

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