Newt The Comeback Kid – Conservative Papers – by Peter Paton – MUST READ Allen West

By Peter Paton

Newt Gingrich is the Comeback Kid as he has shown that political endurance, perseverance and having actual, tangible ideas in politics is the key to success, and Newt has swam in the D.C. shark tank before and he knows all the pitfalls and the maneuvers that are needed to reach the top rung of the political ladder.Gingrich has a visionary dream of creating a more perfect Union, and he is a very adroit debater, and even though his past may be slightly blemished , his future sparkles with great potential and promise as far as one can peer into the political crystal ball of American Politico.

Newt envisages small government, lower taxes, extreme spending cuts, and complete economic recovery. with renewed American overseas influence, all key denominators to placing America back on the top pedestal of domestic and foreign bliss. Newt is also the great unifier of American politics and with his background of being the 58th Speaker of Congress, he will seek bipartisan support right across the board, and will be able to attain it with his superior negotiating and mediatory skills and talents.Gingrich has the magnetic appeal and mental capacity to bring together the two wings of the Republicans and the Tea Party, to create a united forward thrust in the Conservative movement, just at a pivotal time in the race for the Presidency in  November 2012.



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