Nigerian Immigrant DESTROYS The Liberal Narrative on Trump’s Alleged S***hole Countries Comment [Video]

[2 VIDEOS] [WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE] In these two short videos you will see two videos. In the first video, you will see Senator Dick Durban make his remarks about what President Donald Trump supposedly said about African countries. The Senators claims have been rebutted by more than one person in attendance, The second video is a citizen of the Igala Tribe in Nigeria; one of those countries. What he does is support what the President is supposed to have called these countries. Nothing like first-hand knowledge. 

As Written and Reported By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Be prepared for frank sentiments about the terminology that Senator Dick Durbin alleges that President Trump employed in a private conversation.  The comments below originally appeared on a forum for people from the Igala Tribe in Nigeria but were loaded onto YouTube yesterday.  The Igala people I have known have been very smart, and successful in this country.

Warning: The same vulgar term alleged to have been used by President Trump is frequently employed.


A Nigerian immigrant addresses President Trump’s alleged comment on s-hole countries


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