No president or politician should have the final say when it comes to a child’s education

Written by Chelsi P. Henry for

Why did the first black president and the first black attorney general sue the state of Louisiana to block school vouchers for its students? The U.S. Justice Department argued that the voucher system was negatively affecting racial imbalance in schools, essentially reversing integration. Yet, an overwhelming majority of the students benefitting from Louisiana’s voucher system are either black or Hispanic.

We must continue to fight for equal education opportunities. I am personally challenged to share, educate, and empower my community to promote and foster school choice. Minorities – blacks especially — continue to suffer from being trapped in sub-par school systems.

According to Education Week, 1.8 million students drop out of school before receiving a diploma and less than 70 percent of black students are graduating.

I am a product of school choice. As a recent law school graduate, I am convinced that my mother’s ability to choose the best schools for me prepared me for undergraduate and graduate school.


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