NORAD Scrambles Fighters. Russian Bombers Circle Japan 

This is not the first time that Russian TU-95 Bear bombers have circumnavigated in international airspace around Japan. This has been going on since the old Cold War era. While there is nothing illegal about this, it can be quite provoking. This flight comes just after Secretary of Defense Mattis announced that he will be touring the Far Eastern Pacific area. Is this a coincidence? Read more.

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A pair of Russian Tu-95 Bear nuclear-capable bombers flew around Japan on Tuesday, prompting the Japanese military to scramble fighter jets as the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) increased its threat posture, two U.S. defense officials revealed to Fox News.

The Russian bombers stayed in international airspace, the officials said. News of this latest Russian provocation came shortly after the Pentagon announced that new Defense Secretary James Mattis would make his first visit overseas to Japan and South Korea early next month.

A third Russian Tu-95 bomber took off from a base in eastern Russia near the Pacific Ocean but it did not fly around Japan. Instead, it acted as a “communications relay” to pass radio traffic between the bombers flying around Japan, the officials said.

All three Russian strategic bombers took off outside the Pacific coastal city of Anadyr in eastern Russia. They returned to the eastern Russian airbase Ukrainka, roughly 1,000 miles from Japan.

Three Russian refueling tankers (IL-78) were also part of the flight. Two airborne radar and communications planes known as …..


NORAD Responds After Russian Bombers Zoom Around Japan |

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