Not Every Trump Supporter Would Go As Far As This Guy Did On CNN, But He Makes A Valid Point

What CNN discovered about Donald Trump and the Russia collusion story was that Jesus himself would have to seek approval from Donald Trump to get the collusion story verified. That was an over the top statement.

What it was really saying is that the mainstream media and the judicial system cannot and will not be trusted by many Americans, especially the Make America Great Again crowd. You cannot find fault with that. It is sort of like that old saying: In God we trust, all others we verify. Did Ronald Reagan say that?



As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

Yes, right, it’s just one guy and he’s exaggerating for effect. (I think.) But it’s a reminder as Mueller moves towards Trump’s inner circle that congressional Republicans have a major, major problem on their hands if the special counsel finds anything incriminating Trump himself. Not every Trump supporter would go as far as CNN’s panelist here but some would, and those people won’t tolerate any effort to remove Trump from office. Paul Ryan could conceivably find himself stuck between 20 percent of the electorate that adamantly refuses to punish Trump for something he’s been credibly accused of and 80 percent that adamantly insists upon it. That’s a recipe for an electoral wipeout when the 20 percent comes from your own party.

The odds of Mueller discovering anything linking Trump himself to collusion with Russia remain low, I think. The odds of linking him to some other type of wrongdoing seem not quite so low. “I’m told that Mueller’s team is rooting around inside Trump world more deeply than is publicly known,” wrote Mike Allen of Axios. WaPo, meanwhile, reports that “multiple people familiar with the probe say investigators are examining Trump’s conduct leading up to the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey and whether that conduct constitutes obstruction of justice.” Ryan could wake up next month or next year and find Trump’s been accused of obstruction or of some crime from his Manhattan real-estate days and suddenly he needs to decide whether it’s impeachment-worthy or not.

Or, most likely, he could wake up to find that Trump’s fired Mueller and half the country (actually more like two-thirds, I’d guess) is screaming that he’s triggered a constitutional crisis. Trump’s own lawyers are sufficiently worried about him trying to nuke Mueller that they’re blowing smoke up his posterior about the probe likely ending soon, per …….


Trump voter: If Jesus himself told me Trump was colluding with Russia, I’d check with Trump – Hot Air Hot Air


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