NOW 400 missing Syrian Christians as ISIS makes BIG MOVE on Christian Villages

As Reported by The Daily Caller:

Thousands of Islamic State fighters with tanks have entered the northeastern province of Al-Hasakah, according to Robert Gabriel, a representative of the American Syriac Union, who spoke with a commander of the Syriac Military Council, a Christian militia in the region.

“It is an urgent situation now,” said Gabriel. The Islamic State has taken control of eleven villages and is now fighting to overrun the other 24 Christian villages in the area, on the north side of the Khabur river.

There are also 400 missing Syrian Christians in the region recently hit by the Islamic State blitzkrieg, Gabriel said.

“We don’t know where they are,” he said. “Most of them, I think, are captured by ISIS. But we are not sure.” 

Mohammed Ghanem, director of government relations at the Syrian American Council, confirmed the troops movements and figures of captured Christians.


ISIS Makes Big Move On Christian Villages | The Daily Caller.



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