NPR Reporter Spins Up Fake News During Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

NPR reporter, Adrian Florido, has decided that Border Patrol Agents working in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts prevents illegal aliens from seeking shelter and assistance. The agents’ presence and their patrol cars near shelters triggered his fears. It does not matter that he was told that the United States Border Patrol has issued an order that there be no immigration enforcement actions. Anything to further the liberal agenda?

As Written By Jack Crowe for the Daily Caller:

An NPR reporter publicly criticized the U.S. Border Patrol Sunday, arguing their presence at a Houston shelter would prevent immigrants from taking advantage of the facility.

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) twitter account responded to the reporter, Adrian Florido, informing him that immigration operations have been suspended to enable the agency to devote their resources to the ongoing disaster relief efforts taking place in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.


Florido, who reports on race, identity and culture for NPR then tweeted updates during his investigation into why the Border Patrol agents were…..


NPR Reporter Fear Mongers Border Patrol | The Daily Caller



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