Belgian Nuclear Research Center Guard Murdered, Prelude to Attack?

A security guard for a nuclear research center is shot dead in his home two days after the Brussels bombings. It is an intelligence finding that an attack on nuclear power plant or a dirty bomb is in ISIS sights. But we are not supposed to read anything on to this event? Please, give us more information so we might help make that call.

Tihange nuclear power plant in Belgium
Tihange nuclear power plant in Belgium

Belgian nuclear research centre security guard murdered amid concerns terrorists are plotting an attack on power station

  • Security guard at a Belgian nuclear plant was murdered in Charleroi area 
  • When he was found, his security pass for site had been taken from him
  • Officials quickly cancelled his security pass so nobody could try to use it 
  • Nuclear power plants are known to be targets for the terror network behind the Brussels bombings 

A security guard who worked at a Belgian nuclear plant was murdered and had his security pass stolen, just two days after the Brussels terror attacks.

Didier Prospero was shot several times in the bathroom of his home in the Charleroi region of Belgium.

The unidentified killers shot Prospero, who worked for G4S security at a Belgian nuclear research centre.

  • Nuclear security guard Didier Prospero was found shot dead at his home in Charleroi 
  • 11 nuclear staff have had access passes revoked over new security fears access
  • ISIS suspect Mohamed Bakkali had surveillance video of a nuclear official at his home
  • Two Belgian former nuclear industry workers have gone to Syria to join ISIS 
  • Belgian officials have admitted ISIS has ‘concrete plans’ to involving a nuclear facility 
  • Watchdogs said ISIS has ‘the means, knowledge and information to create a bomb’

A family member found Prospero’s body lying next to that of his sheep dog, Beauce, who had also been shot dead.

Police found several .22 bullet casings in the room but there was no firearm in the isolated farm house.

Belgian prosecutors denied the 45-year-old security worker’s access pass had been stolen.


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