Nutjob Hollywood Director Suggests Military Coup

Here we go with a Hollywood director seeming to imply that we need a military coup. He wants to have the military to overthrow the President of the United States. His reasoning is just as unsound as his suggestion. He wants to defend democracy from our President. That is in no way a democratic process. And by the way, we are considered to be a Constitutional Republic, sir.

As Written By Joe Newby for Conservative Firing Line:

On Tuesday, Duncan Jones, director of “Moon” and “Source Code” (and the son of David Bowie), suggested on Twitter that “democratic politicians” may have to eventually ask the military to intervene in order to “defend democracy” from Republicans.  Naturally, he got roasted by other social media users.

“There may come a time, possibly sooner than anyone would like to admit, when democratic politicians are going to have to ask the military if they are willing to defend democracy here at home. If the GOP is now tampering with elections, this goes beyond politics,” he said.

He wasn’t finished, adding: “If America is unable to trust elections, if they are in fact given no ability to check election results, because entrenched Republican judges destroy voting records, voting will have become a sham & a smokescreen for a state that has decided to steal power at all costs.”

Jones may have been referring to a decision by the Alabama Supreme Court, which ruled Tuesday that counties in the……..


Movie director Duncan Jones suggests military coup ‘to defend democracy’ from GOP ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

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