NY Post: FBI Agents Say Lynch and Clinton Struck a Deal on That Plane 

Even with the FBI, the truth will leak out eventually. That is what this looks like. Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton just coincidentally met on an airport tarmac one day. Bill Clinton rushed over to her plane, unescorted, in order to discuss grandchildren. That is the bullcrap that has been fed to the adoring public. It had absolutely nothing to do with the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton emails and private server. Is the leak going to be the one? This is the first real leak that has been seen.

As Written By Katie Pavlich for Townhall:

Just one week before FBI Director James Comey announced the Bureau would not recommend charges be filed against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for storing and transferring top secret, classified information on multiple private, unsecured email servers, Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with former President Bill Clinton on her private jet in Phoenix.

After being caught by a local reporter, Lynch claimed the email investigation wasn’t discussed and that social topics like grandchildren and golf were the topics of the day. She said the same yesterday during congressional testimony.

But according to a report from the New York Post, FBI agents believe an inside deal was struck on that plane to keep Hillary Clinton free of indictment. Considering the severe retaliation inside the Obama administration against those who speak out, FBI agents are cited anonymously. FBI agents investigating the Clinton email servers were also forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

In an unusual move, FBI agents working the Hillary Clinton e-mail case had to sign a special form reminding them not to blab about the probe to anyone unless called to testify.

Sources said they had never heard of the “Case Briefing Acknowledgment” form being used before, although all agents must initially sign nondisclosure agreements to obtain security clearance.

“This is very, very unusual. I’ve never signed one, never circulated one to others,” said one retired ……


New York Post: FBI Agents Tell Us Lynch and Clinton Struck a Deal on That Plane – Katie Pavlich

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