NYT Claims “Obama told just 18 lies throughout his entire presidency”

When the New York Times came out with a news item about the scarcity of Obama lies, there was a lot of coughing and choking going on as it was read. The comparison was made to the vast amount of lying that President Donald Trump has supposedly done. Well, let us just go over a few Obama statements and make a list for you to enjoy. 

As Written By Phillip Klein for the Washington Examiner:

The New York Times has published a story with an accompanying chart suggesting that while President Trump has told 103 falsehoods during his first 10 months in office, President Barack Obama told just 18 throughout his entire presidency. It was a chart clearly designed to be spread widely on social media, given that it confirms all the priors of the publication’s readership. But it was also absurdly charitable to Obama. In fact, an additional analysis of Obama’s public statements, detailed below, finds that in fact, Obama had told at least 18 falsehoods in selling Obamacare in 2009 alone.

To start, some caveats. I actually would not dispute the broader argument of the New York Times piece. I believe it’s fair to say that Trump is unique in his disregard for the truth, in the casual way in which he blatantly lies, makes wild claims without any evidence, and digs into his lies even when presented with information that clearly contradicts what he is saying. I don’t think it would be very hard to make the case that he is a more blatant liar even when compared to other politicians and former presidents. However, I also think that there’s a way to make this case without covering up so many of the clear falsehoods Obama told.

I’ve spent some time going back to some of the claims Obama made during the Obamacare debate. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is that the Times claimed, “We applied the same conservative standard to Obama and Trump, counting only demonstrably and substantially false statements.” But that is such an arbitrary standard open to debate and interpretation, which is why the whole attempt to quantify “falsehoods” and come up with some sort of comparable standard as if it represents hard numbers, like how much the government spends on a specific program, is flawed.

What I have done below is start by listing 11 claims Obama made in 2009 that were deemed “false” or “mostly false” by PolitiFact and or ruled inaccurate by FactCheck.org. Though I’ve had separate criticisms of those sites, I figured some people wouldn’t want to go on my judgment alone, so I’m including them. I’m sure some people will question whether all of these qualify, but it would be tough to argue that none of the ones listed here qualify as blatantly false. And keep in mind that this analysis only looks at claims about healthcare and only in 2009. The New York Times analysis purports to look at every false claim over the full eight years of his presidency.

11 falsehoods highlighted by PolitiFact and FactCheck.org

1) “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep…….


New York Times claims Obama only told 18 falsehoods during his whole presidency. Here are 18 he told in selling Obamacare in 2009 alone

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