NYT Peddles this as Fake News?

The New York Times (NYT) considers Christians to be peddling fake news when they tell the story of Jesus and His resurrection. Molly Worthen actually wrote the piece that blasted Christians, the Bible, and their beliefs. This is a great example of how the secular alt-left views the Christians in the world. It is a definite down-her-nose shot at what we believe. Read on.

As Written By Brittany M. Hughes for MRC TV:

As if we all needed yet another reason to be absolutely disgusted by the New York Times, I present you with Exhibit A.

As first picked up on by The Resurgent, the Times chose a day smack in the middle of Holy Week (Thursday, to be exact) to slam “post-truth” Christians for peddling “fake news” in the name of their backwards, Bible-based religion.

Here’s what author Molly Worthen actually had the audacity to write:

Conservative evangelicals are not the only ones who think that an authority trusted by the other side is probably lying. But they believe that their own authority — the inerrant Bible — is both supernatural and scientifically sound, and this conviction gives that natural human aversion to unwelcome facts a special power on the right. This religious tradition of fact denial long predates the rise of the culture wars, social media or President Trump, but it has provoked deep conflict among evangelicals themselves.

Throughout her manifesto, Worthen haughtily criticizes Christians for living out their “Biblical worldview,” (which simply means that they live their lives according to the tenants and principles laid out in the Bible, gasp!), and accuses them of waging a “conservative evangelical war on facts.”

To do this, she relies on testimony from an ex-evangelical, several anti-Christian professors and a few select and heavily mocked quotes from a single Christian biologist. (I can only assume this is because debating a grounded Christian apologist……..


The NYT Accuses ‘Post-Truth’ Christians of Peddling ‘Fake News’ | MRCTV

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