The Oakland Protest and Riots NOT about Trump?

Oakland residents express the feeling that the riots have NOTHING to do with Donald Trump. While they generously attribute to the frustrations, I cannot help but feel that there are other things at work here. One thing is the criminal element that always wants to take advantage of any civil breakdown. The other is that it is organized to impact Donald Trump and intimidate his support base.

As written by Joel Pollack for Breitbart: 

Protests and riots exploded across California and throughout the nation for the third night after Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election. In Oakland, the East Bay Times reports, the rioting is almost out of control.

However, the link between the protests and the election is increasingly unclear. “This has nothing to do with Trump,” one resident told the Times. “It was just an excuse for people who want to get their frustrations out. It makes me feel really bad for my city.”

Other residents quoted by the Times agreed:

“This just breaks us down and it doesn’t pertain to anything,” said Serrita….

Full story here:

Oakland Residents: Riots Have ‘Nothing to Do with Trump’ – Breitbart

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