Obama Admin Rushing to Shrink Ranks at GITMO

President Obama is rushing to empty GITMO before his term runs out. Hey! He has a campaign promise that he needs to fulfill. It matters not what becomes of them, as long as he can shut it down. Obama has this mistaken belief that GITMO makes the terrorists mad at us. Maybe he forgot that they are already mad at us for ‘being us’ before there was a GITMO for them. Threats?  Obama does not see any threats. He will just release them so that they can fight again. That is where this is headed. Read the numbers left to release and the full story below.


As Written By The AP, Reported By Newsmax:

The Obama administration is running out of time and options to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba, so officials are scrambling to release as many prisoners as possible and considering novel legal strategies that include allowing some men to strike plea deals by video-teleconference and sending others to foreign countries to be prosecuted.

But it looks to be too little, too late to close the prison before President Barack Obama leaves office in January, denying him the chance to fulfill a campaign pledge.

There’s the difficulty in transferring prisoners from the U.S. base in Cuba, questions about the legality of plea deals and solid opposition in Congress to anything that might help Obama achieve that promise.

“The clock has struck midnight and the American people have won,” said Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., who has said he would oppose any effort to move detainees to prison facilities in his state. “The president needs to admit that.” ……..

Full Story Here:

Obama Administration Rushing to Shrink Ranks at Guantanamo

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