Obama Admin’s “War on Privacy” took another turn when this was revealed!

The Obama Admin’s “War on Privacy” took another turn when this was revealed!

All in the name of “national security”

As Reported By Hot Air:

The Obama Administration’s “War on Privacy” took another turn when it was revealed they tried to figure out a way to get past the encryption of smart phones. The Washington Post got a hold of a memo which looked at possibly getting help from tech and telephone companies.

The first potential solution called for providers to add a physical, encrypted port to their devices. Companies would maintain a separate set of keys to unlock devices, using that port only if law enforcement had physical access to a device and obtained a court order to compel the company’s assistance…

The second approach would exploit companies’ automatic software updates. Under a court order, the company could insert spyware onto targeted customers’ phones or tablets — essentially hacking the device…

A third idea described splitting up encryption keys, a possibility floated by National Security Agency director Michael S. Rogers earlier this year. That would require companies to create a way to unlock encrypted content, but divide the key into several pieces — to be combined only under court order…

Under the final approach, which officials called a “forced backup,” companies under court order would be required to upload data stored on an encrypted device to an unencrypted location.

Those sounds you’re now hearing are privacy advocates screaming, “NOOOOOOO!” at the top of their lungs, a lot like Kirk screamed “KHAAAN!!!” This is absolutely awful and a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment and possibly the Fifth. It also goes completely against what FBI Director James Comey told the Bookings Institute last year when he promised that law enforcement was going to use the front door “with clarity and transparency” to get a hold of data. The ideas floated by the Obama Administration as a way to get data aren’t even backdoor, they’re cutting a hole in the roof and sneaking in through the walls. Of course, the Obama Administration realized this (in one of their rare moments of clarity) and decided to kill the proposals or at least put them on the backburner (emphasis mine).



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