Obama Doubles Down on Refugee Promise [VIDEO]

President Obama is committed to keeping the refugee door wide open from those fleeing ISIS. His commitment for this year alone is 100,000. Most Americans believe that we are a place of refuge for the poor and down trodden. That very sign is on our front door. However, in the past there have always been controls that ensured that our nation was not damaged because of our compassion. There appear to not such strictures controlling who can enter our country. Yes, it is very hard to vet people from a backward nation with no records. That is the very reason we need to be more careful. A German Professor was killed this very week for being a compassionate man and opening his home to a refugee from over there. His compassion meant nothing to the refugee that killed him. We need to keep that from happening to our nation.

As Written By NICOLE DURAN , for The Washington Examiner:

Obama reiterates refugee promise.

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