Obama FIRES BACK on Texas Judge halting “new amnesty”


The Justice Department denied Wednesday that it had lied to a federal judge about President Obama’s deportation amnesty, with a spokeswoman saying they “emphatically disagree” with the court’s decision granting limited legal discovery requiring them to turn over private documents showing their decision-making in the case.

The reaction came just hours after Judge Andrew S. Hanen said Justice Department lawyers misled him when they said none of the president’s new amnesty was in effect, when in actuality the immigration service was already granting an extended three-year amnesty to Dreamers.

Judge Hanen also refused to lift his own injunction halting the amnesty, saying Mr. Obama’s own words have left the court even more convinced that the policy violates federal laws.

Emily Pierce, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, took issue with both parts of the ruling.

“We emphatically disagree with the district court’s order regarding the government’s statements,” she said, defending against the charges of misleading.


Obama admin. fires back: Justice Dept. lawyers insist they didn’t lie to court over amnesty – Washington Times.

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Obama FIRES BACK on Texas Judge halting “new amnesty”

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