Obama has a WARNING for America if SCOTUS rules against Obamacare

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday there is still no plan B if the Obama administration loses the forthcoming Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare.



The plaintiffs contend the legislative language clearly means that tax subsidies to buy health insurance can only be available to states that established their own health exchanges. That leaves out 37 states that didn’t set up an Obamcare marketplace, and millions who would no longer qualify for subsidies. The Obama administration argues the language broadly meant all exchanges were eligible for federal tax subsidies.

Earnest is not optimistic about congressional action.

“We’ve not seen much of an appetite from Republicans in Congress to work constructively to address this,” Earnest said. “The fact is we’ve seen many Republicans willing to play politics in a cynical way on this issue, but not a lot of constructive engagement on these issues.”

Earnest argued again about the intent of the law.


White House Warns of ‘Utter Chaos’ if Supreme Court Rules Against Administration in Obamacare Case | TheBlaze.com


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