Obama Just Said THIS about Iran months after saying it’s off terrorist list!

US President Barack Obama has labeled Iran a “state sponsor of terrorism” and countries in the Gulf region have a right to be concerned about Tehran’s activities. The move comes less than three months after Iran was taken off a US terror list.

President Obama made the scathing comments in an exclusive interview with the Ashraq Al-Awsat newspaper, his first ever with an Arab publication.

“Iran clearly engages in dangerous and destabilizing behavior in different countries across the region. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism,” he told the newspaper, as cited by AlArabiya.

Obama continued his attack on Tehran by saying Iran was responsible for supporting “violent proxies inside the borders of other nations.”

“It helps prop up the Assad regime in Syria. It supports Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It aids the Houthi rebels in Yemen.So countries in the region are right to be deeply concerned about Iran’s activities,” the US president said in the interview quoted by AlArabiya.


‘Sponsor of terrorism’: Obama slams Iran months after saying it’s off terrorist list — RT USA


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