Obama Linked Shell Group Is Pulling Out All The Stops In Alabama Senate Race

This outside shell group is dropping big money in the Alabama Senate race and they are betting all their dollars against Republican Judge Roy Moore. There are ties with this group back to President Obama campaigns. Looks like they will try to buy the Alabama Senate seat. They are almost to $3 Million now.

In this article, you will take a look at Highway 31, the shell company funding the actions against Judge Moore. You will also see the other shell operations that are involved. Is what they are doing legal? Why can’t we see their finances and donor lists at this time?

As Written By Michael Patrick Leahey for Breitbart: 

Highway 31, the shell independent expenditure organization used by Washington, D.C based consulting firms run by Obama campaigners in the Alabama U.S. Senate race, dropped another $57,369 into the bucket on Monday for a direct mail hit piece targeting conservative Republican candidate Roy Moore.

Total spending by the shell organization since it was formed on November 6 now exceeds $2.9 million.

The special election between Moore and liberal Democrat Doug Jones to select a successor to former Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), now President Trump’s Attorney General,  will be held next Tuesday, December 12.

An estimated $2.7 million of the $2.9 million in advertising conducted by Highway 31 to attack Roy Moore has been provided on credit by three secretive Washington, D.C. consulting firms founded by former Obama staffers: Bully Pulpit Interactive, which specializes in online advertising; Waterfront Strategies, a wholly owned subsidiary of GMMB Consulting, which specializes in television and radio media buys and production; and Putnam Partners, which specializes in media.

GMMB Consulting, the parent company of Waterfront Strategies, was founded and is still run by former Obama campaign …….


Shell Group Used by Obama Campaigners Spends $2.9 Million to Defeat Roy Moore in Alabama – Breitbart 


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