Obama REWARDS Regulator Who Targeted News Aggregating Powerhouse DRUDGE!

Ann Ravel, the Democratic vice-chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission now appears to be o n the Obama Most Favored list. Her attempts to shut down the Drudge Report and regulate internet content are worthy of reward by the head Democrat inside the beltway. Also of note is her attempt to upset the balance of the FCC Commission in order to exert control for her socialist agenda. I am sure Obama sees her as as good soldier for the progressive cause. Read more here.

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As Written By Rudy Takala for the Washington Examiner:

The Democratic vice-chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission earned an invitation to the White House in January, according to a new report, thanks in large part to her effort to regulate online political content like the Drudge Report.

White House visitor logs show that Ann Ravel traveled to the White House first on Jan. 20, and then again on Jan. 28 to meet with President Obama. Stacy Koo, chief of staff in the Presidential Personnel Office, also attended the meeting, according to the logs, which were first reported on Tuesday by the Daily Beast……

Full Story Here:

President rewards regulator who targeted Drudge with White House visit | Washington Examiner

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