Obama set a Time Bomb to go off at the end of the year

There really is an economic Time Bomb out there and the clock is rapidly winding down on the economy of the United States. It was laid there by former President Barack Obama and his Democrat minions. It is a tax that is hidden in Obamacare. It was timed to go off after Obama left office. Now President Trump and the GOP led Congress must deal with it. here is with it. Here are the ugly facts.

As Written By Ken Blackwell for Townhall:

In just six weeks, the first tax increase of the Trump era goes into effect, a delayed, time-released tax hike that President Obama left as a parting gift for his successor. You haven’t heard much about this tax increase because it was deliberately designed by Democrats to be hidden from those who ultimately pay for it and to go into place after Obama was out of office.

But the Democrats’ crafty implementation doesn’t make this new tax any less real, and now it’s up to Republicans to make sure it doesn’t go into effect on our watch.

Obamacare imposed hefty hidden new taxes on American-made medical devices and private-market health insurance policies. These taxes were suspended for 2017 by Congress and the Obama administration because even Democrats saw that they were harming job creation and causing steep premium increases. But the suspensions expire at the end of the year. Unless Congress acts soon, these taxes go back into effect January 1, 2018—raising taxes by $15 billion next year alone and by hundreds of billions over the next decade. Yet most Republicans are doing nothing to stop it.

To be clear: the return of these currently suspended Obamacare taxes is a tax increase. Republicans are not only failing to repeal Obamacare; they are on the verge of resurrecting some of its most harmful provisions.

To make matters worse, these taxes directly target seniors, small businesses, and American manufacturing. This is a tax increase on the Trump……


Stopping Obama’s Time Bomb: The First Tax Increase of the Trump Era – Ken Blackwell

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