Obama Snooped on Former CIA Chief in Secret-Spilling Case

Former CIA Chief, General Michael Hayden, was snooped on by the FBI just because there was the very remote chance that he might have been the source of a national security leak. You can see by this article that the FBI, during the Obama era, was a much more aggressive pursuer of government secrets leaks. They do seem as aggressive in going after leaks in the Trump administration. Here is what they thought that General Hayden had done.

As Written and Reported By Kevin Paulson for The Daily Beast: 

The targeting of Michael Hayden drives home how aggressively the Obama administration pursued leaks—following a relatively thin lead to a former spy chief’s private email account.

The FBI sought a search warrant for the email account of former CIA and NSA chief Gen. Michael Hayden in 2012, according to a newly unsealed court filing. The warrant application was part of a broader Obama-era investigation into a leak of classified information to the press. Another official later pleaded guilty in connection to the disclosure.

The targeting of Hayden’s AOL email account drives home just how aggressively the Obama administration pursued leaks, in this case following a relatively thin lead all the way to the private email account of a retired four-star general. Hayden served as director of the National Security Agency from 1999 to 2005, and later led the CIA until his retirement on 2009.

Asked over email if he’d previously known about the search warrant, Hayden wrote, “I don’t think they announce them,” and added a smiley face emoji.

Hayden has emerged in recent years as a fierce critic of the Trump presidency. But before that, he was best known for his aggressive approach to operationalizing the intelligence agencies he ran.  After 9/11, he helped initiated the NSA’s sweeping warrantless wiretapping program, which was eventually shuttered after widespread criticism by advocacy groups and ……


Exclusive: FBI Investigated Former CIA Chief Michael Hayden in Secret-Spilling Case


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