Obama Working Behind the Scenes for Who?

This will come as no surprise that former President Barack Obama plans to work behind the scenes and help rebuild the Democrat party. He is reportedly having frequent meetings with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. Not content to be in retirement, but probably focused on his legacy, the former President has elected to stay actively involved in politics. What this means to conservatives and to Democrats is that the rebuilt party will be along the lines of the old Obama administration. It will be a party of special interests, identity politics, and globalism. In other words, this will be the Democrat party that was trying so desperately to elect Hilary Clinton as President. Is that a scary thought, or what?

As Written By Todd Shepherd for the Washington Examiner:

Former President Barack Obama is conducting select meetings to begin a process of rebuilding the Democratic Party as leaders and elected officials in both Washington and across the country are still debating how to go forward.

After the 2016 elections, besides losing the White House and not having control of either chamber of Congress, Democrats were faced with new lows of seats they held in state legislatures.

report by The Hill says Obama has been making regular calls with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. According to an anonymous source in the DNC, Obama jokingly told Perez, “Hey man, it’s only the future of the world in your hands.”

Working out of his D.C. office, Obama is said to be conducting one-on-one meetings with other legislators, like Maryland’s freshman Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen. Still, sources that spoke to The Hill stopped short of divulging a more complete list of the meetings Obama has had.

The meetings come as the party is still scoreless in a series of contested special elections between ……..


Obama working behind the scenes to rebuild Democratic Party

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