Obama’s New Economy – Creeping Socialism – By Nicholas Contompasis

By Nicholas Contompasis

“Make people dependent on government and they will embrace Socialism”
– N.P. Contompasis

Have you noticed that the Obama Administration is attempting to create a new economy within our existing economy. A new economy that is funded by your tax dollars and controlled by friends of Obama.
Friends of Obama include union leaders, many non-profit organizations, campaign contributors and many foreign interests that want harm to come to our great economy.

After reviewing most of these new Obama led companies and their handling of your tax dollars, I predict they will continue to lose money. This will put added pressure to raise even more taxes to keep the failing companies going. General Motors, Chrysler, Solyndra, Tefla and many more are companies invented or propped up by the far Left. They would never survive in a normal capitalist environment.

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