Obama’s SecDef Weighs In On Flynn Revelations And Mueller’s Not Gonna Like It [Video]

[VIDEO] Leon Panetta, President Obama’s former Secretary of Defense has his own opinion on today’s Michael Flynn revelations. According to the former SECDEF, what was revealed today could be considered a violation of norms but not a violation of the law. In the video, you will hear what he has to say.

There is nothing wrong with an administration making contact with foreign governments as they begin building a transition team. In this case, it was probably even more excusable because the Obama administration set a course to create obstacles to international diplomacy for the Trump administration. Never before had an outgoing President done so much to undermine an incoming President on the world stage.

As long as the incoming President did not start negotiating international deals or tried to undermine the sitting president, it should be viewed as no harm and no foul. Leon Panetta has been around the block a few times, so he should have a pretty good grasp of the situation. Watch this.

As Written By NTK STaff for NTK:

President Obama’s Defense Secretary said that they probably violated long-standing norms, but not the law.

Leon Panetta, President Obama’s former Secretary of Defense, told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Friday that it was a “stretch” to say the Trump transition team broke the law with their contacts with the Russians.

“We have one administration at a time,” Panetta said, warning that the Trump transition team undermined long-standing political norms in the United States by engaging in diplomacy while the Obama administration was still in office.

However, the former defense secretary doubted that dealings with the Russians rose to the level of criminal violations.

“[Their contact with Russia] was very unusual. Whether it breaks the law or not, I think that’s probably a stretch,” Panetta predicted.


Leon Panetta: It’s a ‘Stretch’ to Say Trump Team Broke Law With Russian Contacts

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