OH MY WORD! We’ve Never Had Wealthy Cabinet Members Before! 

The mainstream media is beating its corporate breast and pulling its hair over the so-called wealthy cabinet that President-Elect Donald Trump is choosing. There is also a big case corporate journalistic amnesia over the progressive elite Billionaires that currently inhabit President Obama’s cabinet. Look at the list and the dollars in this article.

As Written By Jim Geraghty for National Review:

Former Hillary Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson scoffs at the billionaires and millionaires among Trump’s cabinet selections.

Yes, yes, if only we could keep the current salt-of-the-earth, working-class cabinet members like Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker (net worth about $2.4 billion); Secretary of State John Kerry, who enjoys the fruits of the Heinz fortune, about $200 million; Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald, whose net worth is estimated at $12 million; Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, worth anywhere from $11 million to $51 million, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, worth $6.6 million to $25 million; Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, worth $5.4 million to $18.1 million . (All estimates from 2014.)

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Source: Good Heavens, We’ve Never Had Wealthy Cabinet Members Before! | National Review

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