OH SNAP! Allen West BLASTS Those Who Are Castigating Pamela Geller!


I’ve been listening to so many chime in on the recent Islamic jihadist attack here in Garland,Texas. It seems there is a contingent of individuals, irrespective of political philosophy, who embrace a sentiment that the event held was wrong. They believe it instigated the attack, and that everything must be done to ensure Muslims aren’t offended. This is of course all over the Mohammed drawing contest.

By the way, here is the winning drawing, penned by Bosch Fawstin, who was raised by Albanian Muslim parents in the Bronx but eventually renounced his faith. He said the 9/11 terrorist attacks motivated him to use his art to denounce Islamic extremism.



But is the real issue not about “offending” Muslims, but about something far deeper?

Consider the rampant anti-Semitism and how Jews are referred to as apes and other disparaging monikers — by Muslims. And even in the text of the Koran, it refers to finding Jews who are hiding and killing them. There are shouts of “death to Israel” and some Islamic groups have in their charters the destruction of the Zionist State — Israel.

Christians must endure having the symbol of our faith, the Cross, immersed in urine as “art” or the Virgin Mary covered in excrement. There are cases across America where Christians are being told their faith must be separated from their business practices in order to accommodate others. And we have written here frequently about the assault by the secular humanist Left against Christian prayer in schools and in our military.

All of this goes on but neither Jews nor Christians react with anger and violence.

And so maybe the real reason why we in the West are willing to surrender our freedoms, rights, and liberties in the case of Islam is because they have an anger management issue, which we are reluctant to confront.


The Garland, Texas shooting proves we’ve been looking at radical Islam ALL WRONG – Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com

West addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington

Allen West BLASTS Those Who Are Castigating Pamela Geller


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