OMG NOOOOO! Post-Presidency, Starring Barack Obama

When he becomes Former President Obama, what will be President Obama’s focus? Will he be always seeking the limelight and trying to define his legacy? Will he be an ESPN announcer or a Hollywood star? Maybe he will have his on late night show or be a radio host. One thing you can count on is that he will not be silent. Read all about it here.

As Written By Aaron Case for American Thinker:

If you’re like me, you’re counting down the days until Barack Obama vacates the White House (at the time of this writing only 35 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes, 30 seconds).  Finally, we won’t have to watch Barack cry over gun control or listen to Michelle Obama tell us to vote for a woman because she’s a woman, right?  Not so fast.  The Obamas are walking out of the White House and into Hollywood.

That Obama is planning to publicly defend his legacy is a well-known fact, facilitated by his upcoming living arrangements — the Obamas will have a home in Washington DC and one in Rancho Mirage, a quick flight away from Hollywood.  The president carefully picked these locations, one allowing easy access to the political press corps, the other convenient to an unprecedented career in showbiz.  The outgoing commander in chief has used his status as president to become a celebrity, reverse engineering the careers of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, and I don’t believe he’s done yet.

The entertainment industry has spent the last eight years telling us that Obama is the coolest president ever, contrasting that assessment with George W. Bush, whom they painted as a mentally challenged cowboy.  Now, Hollywood is waiting with open arms for Obama to be free from the decorum of his high office.  We are heading into uncharted post-presidency territory, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hazard a guess at what the situation will be like.

Here are four unprecedented roles Obama could take on:

  1. Barack Obama ESPN analyst

ESPN collectively gushes every time Obama mentions sports.  The failing network broadcasts him filling out a March Madness bracket every year and even hosted him live on The Undefeated.  It’s easy to imagine Obama starting out with a First Take appearance — Stephen A. Smith already threw down the challenge — and regularly appearing on other shows as a guest analyst.  He’s already on record with his 2016-2017 NBA and NFL champion predictions, so he may as well collect a paycheck from ESPN to repeat them.

  1. Barack Obama NBA Celebrity All-Star

Everyone knows that Obama loves to play basketball.  He sent his education secretary Arne Duncan to represent him in four of the games, and in 2017 the president will be a civilian again, so he can go ….

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