One of the most insidious ‘Big Lies’ appeared on Twitter and it’s target was Fox News

There is a quote about lies that can also apply to a fake tweet and it goes: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes..” The only thing is, social media does it at the speed of light so that means it can go around the world seven times in one second. Here is a story of a tweet that just did that to FOX News.

As Written By Peter Barry Chowka for the American Thinker:

Social media are major purveyors of fake news in the era of President Donald Trump.  They’re a co-conspirator with the mainstream media in the propagation of rampant disinformation.  The shocking debasement of MSM journalism in the United States, with only 5% of the reporting on President Trump considered favorable according to the recent Pew Research Center report, is being complemented, facilitated, and reinforced by the viral mass delivery of fake news via the omnipresent and growing influence of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Information fakery – disinformation and outright lying – is rampant in social media.  Since I started a Twitter account in August 2017 and tweeted links to a number of my articles about cable news and Fox News, I have received many thousands of Twitter notifications – messages, comments, tweets, and retweets – both pro and con.  Many of the negative ones have been crude and obscene.  They are also rife with disinformation.

The most disturbing ones in my view contain misinformation that – due to the viral nature of social media – is easily and instantly propagated around the internet until it becomes an article of faith for about half of the population.  It’s like the “Big Lie” – the propaganda technique made infamous by Nazis Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels in World War II – on steroids, thanks to the advances in technology and communications.

One of these insidious Big Lies has landed in my Twitter notifications scores of times in recent months.  Because it alleges that it is the result of a court case, it has a patina of credibility.  It’s an interesting and representative example of what I am referring to in this article….


Exposed: Anatomy of a fake tweet aimed at Fox News

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