One Question No One Is Asking About The Roy Moore Story

Republican candidate for the open Alabama Senate seat, Judge Roy Moore, has been accused of sexual misconduct. The mainstream media has taken up these stories as the gospel truth and have run non-stop with them. The story is getting 24×7 coverage by all the talking heads. The politicians have begun to pile on as well. That said, there are some real questions that should be asked because these charges go back 38 years. The first question would be to find out why it took 38 years to make these charges. That is just the foist question. Read on for a bunch more.

As Written By Jack Hellner for the American Thinker:

I have no idea whether the stories about Roy Moore are true or not, but neither do the Washington Post reporters and all the other reporters who just repeat the unverified story with no investigation.  Forty-year-old allegations are especially hard to disprove.

I find it odd that this story came up after the primary and after decades of service by Roy Moore.  Why did the Washington Post reporters wait until after no one else could be put on the ballot to run a 40-year-old story?  Isn’t it also strange that a supposed sexual predator would have all of a sudden quit going after young girls 40 years ago?  Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Bill Clinton never quit.  Clinton couldn’t control himself even when he was in the White House.

Who gave the reporters the story?  They certainly didn’t come up with the story on their own, and the women didn’t come to them, so how did they get it?  Did the Democratic National Committee funnel money to a law firm so it could pay someone like Fusion GPS to come up with this?

We know from DNC emails last year that there was a stable of reporters Democrats could plant stories with and that they would print the stories with few questions asked.  We also know from Ben Rhodes at the White House that the Obama administration could plant false stories on the Iran deal with reporters that they would run with no questions asked.  So who planted the story?

The Roy Moore story has a familiar ring and methodology to it………


Who planted the Roy Moore story on Washington Post reporters?

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