One Trump Administrator is Draining the Swamp Like Nobody Else in DC

There was a promise made about draining the swamp. President Donald Trump made that as one of his key campaign promises. He nominated Scott Pruitt to be the EPA Administrator and Mr. Pruitt has gone to work. He is not just working for The Donald. He is working for all Americans and is removing unfounded EPA regulations that are strangling our national economy. Here is what he has done for you.


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is a man who gets things done. Despite resistance from within his own agency and an environment lobby bent on stopping him, he’s doing his part to drain the swamp and return government to the people. He’s bringing what citizens demand of a federal agency: Transparency and reasoned, fact-based decision-making resting on sound statutory footing.

Take the contentious issue of global warming. Pruitt called for a reasoned debate. But his critics mocked the suggestion, claiming it would be an outrage to place “fringe” views on an even platform with “established, peer-reviewed research.” But it is tyrants and mobs — not reasonable policymakers intent on serving the public — who ridicule debate and discussion. It undercuts arbitrary rule and fear, their chief weapons.

Consider Pruitt’s recent directiveprohibiting scientists from serving on one of the agency’s three main advisory panels while they are receiving EPA grant funding. It applies to the three main advisory boards at the EPA: The Science Advisory Board, the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), and the Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC).

Pruitt made the case that the directive is necessary to ensure the agency’s research programs are informed by independent experts with no financial ties to the programs. As he noted, advisory board members have received $77 million in grant money over the past three years — half of the total amount allotted. “When we have members of those committees that received tens of …….


EPA’s Scott Pruitt drains the swamp like no one else in Washington | TheHill

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