One U.S. soldier killed, 2 injured in insider shooting in Afghanistan


U.S. soldier was reported killed in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday after a visit to the area by a senior American diplomat, in what Afghan officials described as an insider shooting.

Afghan news media reported that at least two other U.S. soldiers were wounded when an Afghan soldier opened fire near the provincial governor’s compound in Jalalabad, east of Kabul. The Afghan soldier was killed in an exchange of gunfire with U.S. troops, according to provincial officials.

NATO forces in Afghanistan confirmed that a service member was killed but did not immediately disclose the soldier’s nationality.

State Department officials in Kabul said that no U.S. Embassy personnel were killed in the incident.

“The incident took place after a senior U.S. official held a meeting with the provincial governor,” embassy spokesperson Monica Cummings said. “All chief of mission personnel of the visiting party are accounted for.”


U.S. soldier reported killed in insider shooting in Afghanistan – LA Times.


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