One woman’s case for Donald Trump 

One woman puts to pen the reason that she must vote for Donald Trump. It is because she believes that Donald is who he says he is and means what he says. This is from a Christian viewpoint and the values that we hold dear. Ms. Hughes has seen how God uses imperfect people to accomplish His work. That is going on here. The liberal, baby-killing agenda is off the table for any practicing Christian. Read as Donna Rice Hughes makes her case for the Trumpster.

As Written by Donna Rice Hughes for Fox News:

This election has two distinctly different directions for America. My heart is heavy! I, like so many Americans, am concerned for the future of this land that I love.

We are at a crossroads.  Every vote matters. Never, in my lifetime has there been so much division, so much hostility, so much frustration, so much blatant bias and so much lingering confusion.

As a college educated woman, I represent the demographic that is supposedly the swing vote in this election. As a pro-life Christian conservative, the choice for me is very clear but I realize the choice is not as clear to those who remain undecided. So it is to the undecided, particularly women and people of faith, I offer the following as guideposts to better discern how to make a wise and thoughtful decision.

There is no perfect candidate, and the media magnifies their flaws. For some, the choice is for the lesser of two evils, because of their personalities instead of their vision.

Supporting Mr. Trump for president does not mean I have ignored his past or indefensible comments, but I do accept his apologies. I completely understand why some women would still be undecided.

Each candidate has a distinctly different…

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Donna Rice Hughes: One woman’s case for Donald Trump | Fox News

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