Orin Hatch Out? Mitt Romney In?

There is word floating around that Utah Representative Orin Hatch is considering retirement and that opens up an opportunity for Mitt Romney. Isn’t Mr. Romney the former Governor of Massachusetts? That is true, but he is a former resident of Utah and currently resides in the State of Utah. Orin Hatch has been in the House of Representatives longer than anyone serving. Is this the opportunity that Romney wants?

As Written by Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor for UtahPolicy.com

UtahPolicy.com has been told by various sources that U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is leaning against running for re-election in 2018, and will likely retire. The second part of the rumor is that Mitt Romney is very likely to seek Hatch’s seat.

Of course, it can always be the case that Hatch could change his mind and seek re-election, UtahPolicy is told.

He clearly is waiting out the field – by not announcing his intentions, by not actually starting a campaign – he is keeping other legitimate GOP candidates from announcing, or starting a campaign. Some prospective candidates are becoming impatient and a little irritated that Hatch hasn’t announced his plans.

UtahPolicy is hearing that Hatch will announce in the fall, perhaps as early as August, that he intends to retire and devote his efforts to the Hatch Foundation – which UtahPolicy.com has discussed previously.

Hatch is now 83. He would be 84 during his 2018 re-election run, and be 90 if he served out another full six-year term.

Hatch is already the longest serving Republican senator in U.S. history, having won his first election in 1976 as a then-underdog candidate.

Hatch has held just about every important post in the Senate over the years, currently serving as chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee and Senate pro tempore – meaning he is the fourth in line for the U.S. presidency in cases of death or resignations.

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