Others Could, Newt WOULD…The National Patriot article by Craig Andresen

This article in no way is an endorsement by Congressman Allen West, this endorsement is simply by the writer Craig Andresen of The National Patriot

On October 20th2011, in The National Patriot, I endorsed Newt Gingrich for President. It was early in the race and the debate stage was still over populated. Too many candidates, not enough time to hear real solutions to burning issues.

My endorsement was early and I have not regretted making it. Not for a minute.

Now, as we are down to 4 candidates on the stage, I continue to stand with Newt.

I know there are some who don’t like him and some who believe Newt is evil. So be it.

Of the 4 remaining GOP candidates, I believe, 3 of them could beat Obama.

While Ron Paul’s followers are die hard and in many cases, beyond over the top, I believe they have reached their zenith in numbers – and in truth, there just aren’t enough of them. They will continue to say Paul is the only one who can draw votes from independents and liberals disenchanted with Obama but, I just don’t see that being enough.

While Paul might be able to out debate Obama on fiscal concerns, frankly, this race is not going to be ONLY about fiscal concerns. It’s also about a failed Obama foreign policy. Paul’s stance on foreign policy would be every bit as failing and possibly more dangerous than Obama’s, and neither we nor our allies can risk that.

Eventually, a GOP nominee will be named.

Eventually it will come down to a one on one against Obama.

Without Ron Paul, I believe any of the other 3 could beat Obama.

Is COULD enough to bet on?

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