Ouch! Hillary won’t want to see this, for sure

During the first Presidential Debate with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton displayed this maddening smug smile that could definitely be considered a microaggression. This was picked up on by her supporters and detractors alike. This could be why she is not seeing a winners bounce in the post-debate polling. Her personality was on display and it was not shiny. 

As Written By Joe Saunders for Western Journalism:

Hillary supporters might still be high-fiving each other over Monday’s debate performance, but post-debate polls and focus group reports should get them a little more grounded.

No matter how the mainstream media plays it, or how hard the NBC News moderator tried to shape the outcome, polls show the presidential race remains neck and neck. Republican nominee Donald Trump is maintaining or even increasing his support slightly against Hillary Clinton in some cases, with Hillary maintaining an edge much smaller than any political professional would have expected at this point. (Of course, when was the last time those “professionals” were right about the 2016 race?)

And the main problem for the Democrats – as always – is Hillary herself.

Even The New York Times — considered by many to be a driving gear in the Clinton campaign machine — is urging caution, warning about the near exuberance many Democrats are exhibiting in the wake of the first presidential debate.

“Mr. Trump has repeatedly proven his ability to bounce back and that the solid reviews for Mrs. Clinton’s debate performance may do more to improve perceptions about her candidacy than actual poll numbers,” writes the Timesreporter.

According to a CNN/ORC post-debate poll, most viewers surveyed thought Clinton was the clear winner. But winning a debate and winning support are not the same thing. …..

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Outside New York And The Beltway, Hillary’s Debate Attitude Hurt Where It Mattered

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