Allen West “Do you realize how seriously frightening this is?”

Written by Allen West I am sorry to have to report yet another event that makes me question not only the Obama administration’s intent and motivation, but more fundamentally, its allegiance. Naturally, this latest action by the administration is receiving little attention. Now you would think refugees and asylum seekers who have provided “limited material support” […]

NC NAACP March Required Photo ID for their Marchers. Hypocrisy Anyone?

BELOW IS THE MISSION STATEMENT FROM THEIR WEBSITE: Make Sure that you check out the DO’s and Don’ts for the marchers. (Screen grabbed photo in case they decide to remove it) and The message of economic equality for all is seen below in their statements several times. The Founding Fathers stated clearly we are to […]

READ THIS: Suggested Reading February 2014

  Though the liberal media seems bent on providing aid and comfort to the enemy, it must be our task to understand our warrior’s sacrifice, to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and most importantly, live inspired by their example. The soul of The Lone Survivor: The warrior ethos for all of us | […]

Allen West “This will send chills down your spine”

Written by Allen West In the evening after the All State Choir conference in Louisville, Kentucky, competitors returned to their Hyatt hotel to rest up. What ensued is something that will just send chills down your spine and make pride swell in your heart. These talented singers gathered on the balconies of 18 floors and chose […]

Geraldo Joins “His Majesty’s Secret Service” | Allen West sayeth you must watcheth

Written by Allen West Here’s an interesting exchange between Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera regarding O’Reilly’s interview with our monarch er president. Seems Sr. Rivera believes President Obama has “majesty” and should not have to answer to inquiry. In America we do not have kings or queens. We are supposed to have servants of the Republic, those who […]

Allen West “Message To those who wish to destroy me”

Written by Allen West It’s the morning of my 53rd birthday and I awoke with some thoughts that I felt needed to be shared. Last night, I appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox. The topic was the recent verbal attack on Senator Tim Scott and the GOP by North Carolina NAACP Executive Director, Reverend William […]

Allen West “Government “Uncle Sugar” pitting the producers against the takers”

Written by Allen West As we discussed yesterday, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that Obamacare will reduce the size of America’s labor force by some 2.5 million full time equivalent (FTE) workers by 2024. The response from the White House and its propaganda mouthpiece, the New York Times, that this is a good thing is simply […]

COMMON CORE is rotten to the core | Written by Allen West

Written by Allen West Last week I attended the Constitutional Coalition Education Policy Conference in St. Louis on the issue of Common Core. Let me explain, I support standards in education but I do not support top down government-driven standards. Our American children are unique in many ways, and to believe we can have a common […]

Allen West Blasts Common Core

St. Louis, Missouri- Former Congressman and school teacher Allen West spoke at Constitutional Coalition’s 25th Anniversary Educational Policy Conference, where he received a standing ovation for condemning Common Core educational standards. Florida Eagle Forum sent out a press release stating that West told the audience of 600+ that Common Core was “the manifestation of collective […]

President Reagan and ‘American Exceptionalism’ | Communities Digital News

  By Dennis Jamison, Communities Digital News Today is the birthday of former President Ronald Wilson Reagan, one of the most important leaders of the Republican Party in the last 50 years. Born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois, Ronald Reagan grew up in the Midwest and was raised on simple, down-to-earth, common-sense values. Reagan […]

Allen West: Attack on Power Plant Should Be Warning About ‘Asymmetrical Warfare’

Wednesday, 05 Feb 2014 – By Cathy Burke exclusively for The presumed dry-run attack against a power plant in California is part of “asymmetrical warfare” by terrorist sleeper cells that should put the nation on high alert, retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West said Wednesday. In an exclusive interview with John Bachman on Newsmax TV’s […]

Allen West: Obama’s belligerence is being enabled by House GOP leadership #Benghazi

Written by Allen West This morning I had a chance to visit with a former colleague, someone for whom I have the utmost respect, Virginia Representative Frank Wolf. Rep. Wolf is the author of House Resolution 36, which calls for a Benghazi select committee with subpoena powers to formally and singularly focus on the incidents surrounding […]

Allen West HITS BACK AT Two-Faced Charlie Crist (LISTEN)

LT. COL. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) called and spoke about Obamacare, Former (two faced) Governor Charlie Crist’s attack on him, the delusional Senator Reid , Congressman Patrick Murphy, voter fraud and getting answers about Benghazi. KILMEADE KONDENSED: @ALLENWEST HITS BACK AT @CHARLIECRIST LISTEN BY CLICKING HERE: [AUDIO] 

Allen West “It’s all part of the insidious plan.”

Written by Allen West This week I’m in Washington DC and maybe you didn’t hear about it, but there was an earthquake here yesterday. It wasn’t a physical disaster but a political one and the epicenter was the White House. Yesterday the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a report stating that Obamacare will cause some 2 […]

Allen West “Obama didn’t end the war in Iraq, he ran away”

  Written by Allen West I think it might have been George Santayana who quipped, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to hear this quote over and over again.” And so here we are as the International Forces Commander in Afghanistan, Marine Corps General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. meets with President Obama to […]

Allen West gives a shout out to the chuckleheads who say he’s irrelevant

  On Tuesday, Allen West gave a shout out to the troll, chuckle-heads who come over to the website and and social networks like Twitter and Facebook to give him their rhetoric regarding his relevance. What say you friends, is LTC Allen West irrelevant? Check out his Facebook stats: Allen West on Facebook. Regardless of […]

Allen West “An economic dependency plantation” President bystander

Watch Greta’s interview from tonight’s show and sound off on her blog on whether you believe President Obama has addressed problems affecting black families enough during his time in office. “It’s an economic dependency plantation which is being created in the inner cities,” West said. “I see it when I go back to my old […]

Successful 1st Annual JROTC PT Challenge Hosted By the Allen West Foundation

Great Turnout at the Allen West Foundation First Annual JROTC PT Challenge at John Prince Park, Lake Worth, Florida On January 25th, 2014 The First Annual JROTC PT Challenge, hosted by the Allen West Foundation, was a huge success; team pride was on display and fun was had by all who participated. The event featured […]

Allen West “Obama is a pathological liar whose disdain for the American people is evident”

Written by Allen West Yesterday before the Super Bowl, Bill O’Reilly sat with President Obama for a predictable interview as President Obama blamed Fox News for his travails. Monday-morning quarterbacking would probably say Obama should have skipped the O’Reilly interview. He came off totally on defense and at times was clearly doing everything possible to avoid […]

Allen West “We the People” will restore the American Republic” it’s coming!

Written by Allen West Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly interviewed President Obama on Fox and asked him about the scandal surrounding the IRS targeting of constitutional conservatives and the Tea Party. Unsurprisingly, the president took up a defensive position and vehemently countered there is no corruption or targeting. And why would we expect a different response? After all, […]

Coca Cola’s Politically Correct attempt at the balkanization of America

  Allen West “I am quite sure there may some who appreciated the commercial, but Coca Cola missed the mark in my opinion. If we cannot be proud enough as a country to sing “American the Beautiful” in English in a commercial during the Super Bowl, by a company as American as they come — […]

Allen West “We have no direction and the sea state is worsening”

  Written by Allen West Do you remember anything from President Obama’s State of the Union address this week?? It got the lowest ratings since Bill Clinton’s 1990 address — even the final episode of The Biggest Loser did better on NBC than Obama’s SOTU. If a nation tunes out its leader, can the nation survive? Imagine if […]

Allen West “They don’t need to see me naked” — some suggestions for TSA

Written by Allen West I do a lot of traveling so I’m quite familiar with the Transportation Security Agency (TSA). In my overall experience, these are good -hearted Americans who are doing their duty. Now, I admit, there are one or two who are lacking in “customer service skills.” I remember coming back from a trip […]

Allen West: WATCH THIS! Most memorable Super Bowl: The one I never saw

  It was Super Bowl XXV, January 27, 1991 between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants in Tampa Bay, Florida at the ol’ Sombrero. I had deployed to the Persian Gulf right after the new year, Captain Allen West of the 4th Battalion, 5th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Infantry Division — as part […]