Peace Through Strength and the Presidential Election: One on One with Allen West [Video]

Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, former Florida Congressman and retired LTCOL Allen West sat down with ABCNews13 in Florida for a one on one discussion about Peace Through Strength, our U.S. Military and some key things for Donald Trump to work on to seal the deal for his election in November.

The first portion of the discussion West was asked what guidance he would give to the next Commander in Chief.  Go to the National War College and sit down with Major General Bob Scales. Talk to him about strategic level military decision making. The number one responsibility it to provide for the common defense.

West discussed the most important thing for our next Commander and Chief to do first is to listen. You have to issue good concise guidance and allow your senior military leaders to come back with courses of action to present to you.

He is also concerned with the fact that neither candidate has no military background again this election cycle. It is a reflection upon us as a people.

He also said to everyone GET OUT AND VOTE! Watch the entire one on one discussion below.


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