Pencil Pushing Weasel Calls Allen West a “Coward” by Jack Furnari


by Jack Furnari for BizPacReview

Today, Patrick Murphy, the underdog in the Democratic primary for Congressional District 22, called incumbent U.S. Rep. Allen West — a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and a combat veteran, mind you — “a coward.”

Responding to West’s decision to run in a newly drawn district further north, Murphy posted the following statement on his website:

Allen West went from talking tough this weekend and telling progressives to “get the hell out of this country” to abandoning the people who elected him. There is no other way to interpret this: Allen West is a coward. The truth is that the maps are far from set and I will continue to monitor the redistricting process closely.

Forget that Murphy has purposely twisted West’s words and taken them out of context. I’m not even going to bother with those offenses.

It is an absolute outrage that Murphy would dare use such a despicable word to describe a combat veteran and an officer of the U.S. military — any combat veteran and officer, for that matter, regardless of their political views or affiliation.

Murphy likes to talk about being a “green contractor,” whatever that means, describing himself on the campaign trail as an accountant and a numbers guy.

We all know that accounting majors who never served in the military are respected and feared worldwide for their bravery and valor, don’t we? I’m sure al-Qaida is terrified at the prospect of a Rep. Murphy launching a congressional inquiry to find out if there are any goat heads or sheep missing from its caves.

West faced bullets. West fought for his country. Murphy owes him an apology.



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