Pentagon Mutiny on Syria Dismissed by ‘Liberal’ Media 

The American mainstream press has both neglected and disparaged Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh recently for reporting on how, for more than two years, senior U.S. military leaders subverted President Obama’s strategy to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad,

obama syria strategy and the pentagon

As Written by Michael Hughes, Foreign Policy Analyst – Huffington Post:

With some attacking Hersh for having the temerity to rely on unnamed sources. The so-called liberal media has exhibited a tendency to defend the Obama administration mantra that Assad “must go,” and Hersh’s account runs counter to this well-established gospel.

Vox, a purported liberal news site, assaulted Hersh for basing his report on an anonymous senior advisor to the Joint Chiefs, claiming that the journalist made “bizarre” claims in the past, “giving us little reason to trust him.” Further, not a single major news agency picked up Hersh’s allegations, the nature of which typically would be handled as a front-page bombshell.

Let’s be clear – Hersh is not some amateur blogger-conspiracist to be marginalized. For one, he was awarded the Pulitzer in 1970 for exposing the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam and its subsequent cover-up. Noam Chomsky, moreover, told this scribe that “everything” the veteran writer does should be taken seriously.

During an interview with Democracy Now! Hersh shrugged off these denunciations, arguing that on any given day news agencies of record are full of anonymous sources. Hersh said he worked for the New York Times for years through Watergate and Vietnam and won many prizes based on stories derived from a single source.

Point being, Hersh’s shocking report on Syria is worthy of investigation as opposed to ridicule, especially when other senior government officials – on the record, mind you – lend credence to his reportage. Not to mention ……


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