Pentagon Wants Election Oversight?!?

Now the Pentagon sees that it might need to have an oversight position of the States’ election process. This falls in line with Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security pondering whether or not elections is a ‘critical infrastructure.’ Need I point out that elections are the sole responsibility of the various States. There is not even a right to vote article in the United States Constitution. The involvement of the Feds needs to be tracking down the bad guys. If you want Government help real bad, you will get real bad help.

As Written By Paul Bedard for Washington Examiner:

Concerns about Russian hacking into the November 8 election have now reached the Pentagon where the military’s top cyber official has outlined a plan to help the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to track an election altering attack.

What’s more, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, commander of U.S. Cyber Command, has added his voice to that of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson who is considering whether the election system is critical infrastructure, like the power grid and financial sector, and subject to federal oversight.

“What is critical infrastructure in this digital age? Data, I would argue, is taking on a very different value in and of itself. And the ability of individuals to harness the tools of big data analytics now make access to large data concentrations…very attractive,” Rogers said at Harvard University this month in a video released Wednesday.

“I look at the election sequence for example, as an example of, ‘Do we need to step back and reassess this? Hey, look, this really is part of our critical infrastructure?” he said……


Full Story Here:

Pentagon joins Homeland, FBI in eyeing oversight, control of elections | Washington Examiner

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