Planned Parenthood Board Member Works in Office of D.A. Investigating Sale of Aborted Babies

As Reported by Steve Ertlet for LifeNews:

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson has promised a thorough investigation of the Planned Parenthood abortion business after one of the expose videos caught a Houston, Texas Planned Parenthood official arranging for the sales of aborted babies and dissecting babies it had aborted and planned to ship off for sale to a biotech firm. But a new report indicates a Planned Parenthood board member works as a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office. 

As LifeNews reported, the Houston, Texas Planned Parenthood abortion center was exposed in a new shocking video released today that catches a Planned Parenthood official discussing how the abortion business sells “fully intact” aborted babies.

The video, which follows Senate Democrats defeating a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood, makes it appear the Planned Parenthood abortion business may be selling the “fully intact” bodies of unborn babies purposefully born alive and left to die.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson has announced that her office will start a criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood. The announcement came after Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked for the DA’s office to open an immediate criminal investigation.

“It is not clear at this time what, if any, crimes have been committed at the Gulf Coast facility. That is why I am initiating this investigation.” Anderson said. “As we begin this process, the first step will be to obtain the complete unedited version of the video that has prompted this investigation.”

“I want to assure everyone in Houston that I will use every resource allocated to this office to conduct a thorough investigation and should we find that laws were broken, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.” Anderson said.

But the pro-life group Operation Rescue informed today that a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s office that is currently investigating a Houston Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for selling aborted baby parts, serves on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood.

Lauren Reeder is a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s criminal family law division. She apparently notified District Attorney Devon Anderson of her role with …….  Continue reading here

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