Political Hit Job On Sean Hannity Exposed!

There is a coordinated effort on the part of liberal groups to drive Sean Hannity off the airwaves. It is the typical alt-left tactics of trying to silence an opposing voice through brute force. They are attempting to intimidate advertisers and make them pull advertising from his show and from the FOX Network.

As you can read in this article, there are many groups putting forth the same message and using cookie cutter forms and phone calls to up the impact of their efforts. You may have heard of one push-back by conservatives when Keurig coffee pulled their ads. That did not last long and Hannity and Keurig coffee have made up. Read on and you will see just how well coordinated the attacks are. This is an old-fashioned hit job.

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

Multiple left-wing organizations are part of a coordinated political hit meant to push the most popular pro-Trump TV host, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, off the airwaves by pressuring advertisers to boycott his show.

Media Matters, a well-funded left-wing activist group, has been after Hannity’s advertisers for months, as The Daily Caller has reported. They’re not alone.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, a resistance group whose leaders include Democratic operatives and politicians, launched FireHannity.org in June with an identical objective: pressuring Hannity’s advertisers to pull the plug on his show.

Leaders of a similar campaign called #GrabYourWallet have been organizing boycotts of companies that carry Trump products or otherwise work with Trump businesses. They expanded that effort, which has been going on for over a year, to include a boycott campaign of companies that advertise on Hannity’s shows.

The group’s website includes a fill-in-the-blank script, as well as phone numbers and emails for public relations departments, making it easier for……..


Democrats Coordinated Hit On Sean Hannity | The Daily Caller

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