POLITICO: Inside the Clintons’ Moroccan money mess

Moroccan money can buy an awful lot of things. It can buy you State Department influence if you spend it in the right places. How else can you explain the Hillary Clinton run State Department overlooking Morocco’s human rights violations in the Western Sahara? Dropping big dollars in the Clinton Foundation would appear to be one path to legitimacy. This information was revealed in some Wikileaks emails for your edification and emtertainment.

As Written By Kenneth P. Vogel for POLITICO:

Hillary Clinton’s top advisers downplayed her involvement in arranging a lavish Clinton Foundation conference in Marrakech last year, but behind the scenes they acknowledged her pivotal role and worked to minimize fallout from it.

After media inquiries about the role of Clinton and the king of Morocco in setting the stage for the conference, Clinton confidants, including her husband, Bill, scrambled to craft a new foreign contribution policy that looked tougher but still let them accept the Moroccan cash, according to hacked emails released by WikiLeaks.

The picture that emerges from the emails — as well as from interviews with a half dozen people familiar with the foundation’s inner workings and other contemporary reporting — shows Clintons’ confidants becoming acutely sensitive to criticism of the foundation’s foreign fundraising around the time Clinton was preparing to launch her presidential campaign.

The Moroccan saga also provides a window into the Clinton teams’ internal decision-making process on thorny ethics issues, as well as the occasionally less-than-forthcoming manner in which they deal with scrutiny.

It’s an approach that is familiar to longtime Clinton watchers and one that will be tested immediately if Clinton emerges victorious on Tuesday in her closer-than-expected race against Republican Donald Trump. Congressional Republicans have vowed to launch a series of investigations from Day One of a Clinton presidency, possibly starting even before she’s sworn in, including into whether she accorded special treatment during her time as secretary of state to donors who ….

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Inside the Clintons’ Moroccan money ‘mess’ – POLITICO

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