POWERFUL D-Day Remembrance by Allen West

Written by Allen West on June 6, 2014

Yesterday, I had to fly to New York City to do a taping for Fox News. And God’s divine providence shined down on West Palm Beach airport, as at that same time, there was a group of men preparing to depart on their own flight — an Honor Flight.

Assembled at the airport was that special breed of men from our Greatest Generation now in their upper 80’s and 90′s who 70 years ago embarked upon the greatest military invasion in history: Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy. It was amazing to gaze into their eyes — there was still that vigor and spirit — and the strong handshakes! These were men who were part of that vast number — 160,000 strong — who would hit the drop zones and beach landing zones to begin the liberation of Europe from the Nazi stranglehold.

Here is General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s message to the troops. You cannot help but be inspired and awed by his words and the task our troops faced.


The eyes of the world were upon us on “the longest day” | Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com.


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