President Ronald Reagan Warned Us About What JUST Happened In America

President Ronald Reagan has been regarded as The Great Communicator due to his ability to convey his thoughts and ideas to the American public. Apparently, this was a skill that he long held and not just something from his days as President. In the 4.7-minute audio byte at the end of the article, you will hear Mr. Reagan sounding the warning about socialized medicine and the accompanying creep of socialism. It is worth hearing because Senator Bernie Sanders and 15 other Senators are pushing for Medicare for all. Not only is it not a workable plan financially, but it plays right into the socialist cause. Please listen to the Gipper.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I have shared this saying with you before from my dad, ol’ Buck West: “An empty wagon makes a lot of noise.” Well, when it comes to our dear friends on the progressive, socialist left — who now own the Democrat party — it’s more like, “a broken empty wagon makes useless noise.”

Sadly, however, it always seems that the liberal, progressive left is the loudest — whether they’re in the majority or minority — and they continue to boldly peddle their failed thoughts, ideas, and principles. They’re the broken, empty wagon.

And what’s disconcerting for me right now is that the language of leftists is dominating the discussion about tax cuts and reform. Of course, tax policy isn’t about the rich; it’s about which course of action will spur economic growth, further innovation, ingenuity and investment, and foster greater employment through greater job creation.

But that’s not the only wacky idea emanating from the chuckleheads, namely our dear ole friend Uncle Bernie. As reported by Fox News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday officially unveiled his single-payer health care bill, launching a campaign to pass it that already has exposed tensions in the Democratic Party –- as 2020 presidential hopefuls rally behind the plan and congressional leaders hold back support.

The “Medicare for All” plan from Sanders, a Vermont independent and sage of the American political left, is backed by 15 co-sponsors. The list includes several Democratic senators thought to be eyeing a 2020 White House bid — Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts; Kamal Harris, of California; Cory Booker, of New Jersey; and Kirsten Gillibrand, of New York. However, the top two Democrats on Capitol Hill — Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — are not endorsing the plan right now.

Sanders, though, downplayed the apparent divide his plan has created among Democrats, saying Wednesday the media like to talk about the politics of “who supports it and why and blah, blah, blah.”

“But that’s not what the American people want to know. … They want to know what we will do to fix the health care system,” he said.

Sanders announced the bill on Capitol Hill while flanked by co-sponsors, families, doctors and health care professionals. “Today, all of us stand here before you and proudly proclaim that health care in America must be a right, not a privilege,” he said.

Among those who spoke was Warren, who attempted to bridge the differences in the Democratic caucus over the bill. “We will not back down from our protection of the Affordable Care Act,” she said. “But we must go further.”

There’s much talk about rifts in the GOP, but the division among Democrats is, well, YUUUGE. This truly does have the potential to create a massive divide for power.

And it’s evident that the liberal, progressive left is doubling down on a dumb idea. It’s not that they can fully admit that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was an oxymoronic journey, if you understand the title of Obamacare — and the emphasis should be on the word “moron.”

Obamacare was nothing more than a massive expansion of Medicaid, and it’s collapsing. I mean, here are two government-run healthcare programs that are struggling. So what does Uncle Bernie and his munchkin minions propose? Heck, just expand Medicare to everyone.

And who were those “doctors and healthcare professionals” flanking the mad scientist from Back to the Future? Could they be the same ones who dressed up in white jackets for an Obama Rose Garden photo op proclaiming the medical profession’s support of the Un-Affordable Care Act?

I mean, tell me, how many doctors and healthcare professionals want the government to determine who they’ll see and what their level of compensation shall be?

And what about you, the American citizen? Are you truly ready for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, and their ilk, to determine your healthcare?

Let’s not forget that little British baby Charlie Gard who had his life determined, not by doctors and medical professionals, but rather by government bureaucrats. And if you’ve been paying attention to Obamacare, there’s an entity of unelected bureaucrats called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) that will be making all the pricing decisions on .. wait for this … Medicare.

So there’s a star chamber of folks, above the scrutiny of Congress, making service decisions about Medicare. It’s bad enough that right now we have politicians making the decisions about payments and compensations to doctors under what’s called the “Doc Fix.”

The ol’ broken, empty wagon of the progressive, socialist left, which just lost a presidential election along with many House, Senate, state legislature and gubernatorial seats, hasn’t gotten the message. They’re still clamoring about healthcare being a right — and if that’s the case, they believe they, not you, can guarantee it………


Reagan warned us about what JUST happened in America – Allen B. West –

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