President Trump as seen and reported by James Delingpole [Video]

[VIDEO] Just like President Donald Trump, James Delingpole tells it like it is and calls it like he sees it. You can watch this video as long as you are not expecting Mr. Delingpole to be politically correct. That will not happen. This is a cattle prod to be used against liberals and expose them to the harsh realities of the successes of the President. It is very enjoyable.

As Written and Reported by James Dellingpole for Breitbart: 

Isn’t it just the best thing that we’ve finally got a President of the USA who calls a shithole a shithole?

In fact of all Donald Trump’s many qualities, I think this may be his greatest and his most underrated strength.

But you’re not supposed to say this. At least not in respectable company. Even now – after all his incredible achievements – you’re still only allowed to praise Donald Trump if first you’ve preceded it with lots of disclaimers about how much you deplore his sexism, his brashness, his incoherence and general uncouthness…

I’m not buying that virtue-signalling crap, though. Check out this short film I made on Trump for the BBC this week:

I think Donald Trump is amazing. And I think what makes him so amazing – or rather, so effective as politician and a world leader – is that vulgarity which we’re all supposed to pretend is his fatal flaw.

No it’s not. It’s his secret weapon.

Take Iran, possibly the single most important geopolitical story in the world right now.

Why? Because after nearly 40 years of being the world’s prime exporter and fomenter of terrorism, as well as being probably the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East, Iran is in the midst of a revolution which could change everything.

For some background read this brilliant Spectator article by Douglas Murray……….


Delingpole: Trump – Making the World Great Again, One Shithole at a Time


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